Posted: 03 April 2013

Mapping my route as I prepare for the London Marathon

For 20 years, I've been inspired by runners who undertake the London Marathon. I've been lucky to live near the starting line and each year the atmosphere is electric with crowds seemingly as full of energy as the runners. I'll be one of the runners this year. It's giving me a buzz just writing about it.

When I was in my early thirties I ran the marathon twice and did pretty well. Now that I'm 40 I've set a goal – or perhaps it’s the early onset of my mid-life crisis – of running the 26.2 miles at least as quickly as I did a few years ago.

My other challenge this year is to raise as much money as I can for The Children’s Society. I am often bowled over by the sheer number of stories that tell, time after time, about bad times for kids in today’s Britain.

Child poverty and adolescent neglect are things we should not have to fight in a developed, wealthy nation like the UK. Knowing that the money I raise during this year’s run also motiviates me to run.

Plotting my course

Some people think because I’ve run the marathon before that training is simple. But it's even more bloomin’ tough than ever! There’s a lot of mental strength needed as well as physical. Weirdly, I enjoy the challenge!

I began my training in earnest in December. I recently completed my first 20-miler – have a look at my route, along with some photos I took along the way. On the map below, my route is the purple line. If you click on the camera images and the ‘start’ and ‘finish’ icons, you'll find photos and notes from my run.

Also, please consider supporting our work by way of my JustGiving page or by getting involved in one of our other events and activities this year. Please also read some other athletes' stories

View Joe's training for the London Marathon map in a larger window.

By Joe Waterton - Fundraising and events team

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Well done Joe, all in a good cause and will be thinking about you on the day.

Great idea to map your run with the icons of London. Well done for finding the mental strength to run the VLM AGAIN, especially now you are an old man!