Posted: 14 February 2013

Love is in the air...


I used to think that raising money for a charity such as The Children’s Society had to be a long-term commitment. Not to say the result wasn’t worth it, but I often opted to simply donate a pound or two. 

However, this month I decided to try a co-worker’s suggestion of having fun while raising funds at the same time...

I chose to make valentines cards! 

So earllier this month I broke out the glitter, glue and coloured pencils in my flat – it reminded me of my days in school when we were forced to make cards for our classmates.  I must admit, my craft skills haven’t much improved since then, but my appreciation for making a mess with glitter has.

After a few hours of gluing, cutting, and getting glitter in every corner of my flat and my hair, I had a dozen sparkling valentines to sell.

Selling my creations

Selling the cards was easy. I sold all of them in a few hours! Everyone appreciates a homemade card, but few of us have the time to make them. That’s where my cards came in. 

At one pound each, I had £12 to offer to support The Children’s Society. All the effort I put in amounted to a fun evening of arts and crafts – not bad at all, I’d say.


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By Monica Foss - Fundraising and events team

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