Posted: 07 May 2015

Climbing Mount Everest, reaching new heights for charity

I first heard about The Children's Society through Loughborough University, where I study communication and media studies, and was astounded at the work they do. I personally feel that sometimes the needs of children within the UK are overlooked compared to third world countries. I have known children, as we all probably have, that at some time or another could have used the support that The Children's Society provides.

I want to help support the children within the UK that are living in poverty, are young carers, are homeless or being neglected or abused in one way or another, but I also want to try and raise awareness about the charity as I feel it deserves for others to know about the amazing work The Children's Society is doing. I had never heard of the charity before university and I want to help change this and particularly encourage fundraising among young people.

I want to help support children living in poverty, are young carers, are homeless or being neglected or abused in one way or another

I chose to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp as it is a great personal challenge for me, and not something I have ever done before so I know I will have to push myself to the absolute limits - I might hate it, I might love it, it's impossible to tell until I'm on the trek in August.

Lizzie skydiving to raise money for The Muscular Dystrophy campaign

I completed a skydive in 2013 to raise money for The Muscular Dystrophy campaign

I am no stranger to crazy fundraising challenges, and I wanted to do something like hike Mount Everest, which is completely out of my comfort zone. I knew it was not going to be an easy ride, as it would hopefully encourage interest and support from others, therefore, creating interest and support for an amazing cause. I have some trepidation about the problems altitude can cause, but it's an amazing opportunity that I just couldn't pass on; it's a once in a lifetime chance. 

In my spare time, I enjoy anything theatre related. I am part of Loughborough University's stage society and I am currently directing this semesters musical production of Guys and Dolls which, again, is something very new to me as I've never directed before. Normally I love to be up there with the cast singing and dancing, but this experience has been a real learning curve for me and one I'm glad I took the opportunity to do it.

Help me reach my goal

Other than performing, and studying obviously, I tend to spend a lot of time watching films and going to some pub quizzes with my housemates - who said education couldn't be fun! I hope to eventually work in publicity/PR either within the entertainment industry or for a not-for-profit charity. 

I'm so grateful for how many people have supported me and I'd also like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far and helped me to get one step further towards my goal of £2790. It's really overwhelming to see how willing people are to support me and donate to such an amazing cause.

If you would also like to contrubite to such an amazing charity, visit my JustGiving page to help me reach my goal. 

Visit Lizzie's JustGiving page

By Lizzie Fenner - Guest bloggers

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