Posted: 06 June 2017

Listen to young people’s top tips for the police

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As part of our Big Up The Bill campaign, a group of young people have created ‘top tips’ on how police professionals can better work together with them.

With these tips, our participation group aim to help the police understand their perspectives and views on how they are treated.

‘I think it’s important that we don’t want to be labelled the same by police officers. We want to feel comfortable around them and know that we can kind of trust them instead of feeling judged’ – Leah

Listen to their top tips

They wanted to tell people directly about why they have done this, and so have created a series of audio clips to explain what their tips for police are and why they are important.

Top tip 1: Yussy highlights how important it is for police professionals to not make young people feel small

Top tip 2: Leah talks about how being treated respectfully by police professionals will make young people more likely to speak to them

Top tip 3: Joleen focusses on the way police professionals communicated with young people and how keeping them informed wil help them feel safe and valued.

Top tip 4: Joleen speaks about how keeping calm is vital for police professionals - especially when trying to help young people stay calm in difficult situations.

Top tip 5: Chelsea - When speaking to young people, it is critical that police professionals are able to recognize and address trauma.

Why these tips are so important

Thank you to Leah, Yussy, Chloe, Joleen and Chelsea for sharing your voices.

The Big Up The Bill campaign is highlighting how a police officer being committed, empathetic and understanding can make a huge difference to a child’s life.  It is vital that police professionals are recognised and celebrated when they work well with young people and that’s why these tips are so important. 

The Big Up The Bill report, which these young people have put together, contains their full stories and tips for police.

How can you help?

You can help today by leaving a message on why you think your Police and Crime Commissioner should support Big Up The Bill.

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