Posted: 30 March 2020

Life in lockdown: a 15-year-old's isolation experience

The coronavirus has disrupted the life of every child in the country. While schools are closed and other support services are finding new ways of operating,  it's important to listen to how young people are feeling.

Here, 15-year-old Ruby tells us about how coronavirus has affected her, and how she's coping with boredom and stress.

My first day in lockdown wasn’t really a shock as I predicted it would happen. I was already ill at home before the lockdown so I was self-quarantining before it happened. Although being in quarantine a week before everybody else has become quite tedious.

No chance to say goodbye

I liked going out a lot and meeting with friends but now I have to wait till the lockdown is over to see them, which is upsetting. I have been keeping in contact with a few of my friends through social media and Facetime but it’s not quite the same as seeing them in person.

As I didn’t know when my last time seeing my friends would be, I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. I would normally also see my friends a lot at school, but now schools have closed, there’s no way for me to see them.

Thinking creatively

Doing school work at home is hard as I don’t have teachers to help me or my classmates to work on problems with but it is nice because I can take small breaks or grab a snack. It's worrying though because I have my GCSE’s coming up and this year it’s important that I learn all the required content.

However, through this tough time I find it easier to cope with boredom by doing more creative activities or take this time to do things I didn’t have the time to do when I was in school.

Trying new things

I’ve started doing home workouts for exercise and I’ve tried cooking and trying new foods. If I don’t want to be so active, I find a new series to watch or a nice movie that I’ll watch with my family. In times like this it’s very stressful and scary and it doesn’t quite seem real, but if we find ways to remain calm and also not get bored, we can wait out this rough time, overcome it and work through it.

It's normal to feel anxious or worried because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you or a young person you know is struggling, visit our support hub offering advice and resources for young people.

Coronavirus support hub

By Ruby

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