Posted: 15 April 2014

Latest news from the SCARPA Squad

We've been extremely busy in the last few months. Some of us have helped out with some pretty big events and we've all been having lots of fun. 

Meeting the children’s minister

One of the things we enjoyed was meeting Edward Timpson, the Minister for Children and Families. He came to SCARPA and a group of us showed him a video we made which showed our top five points a minister should know about young people who go missing. After we watched it we talked to him about the issues. He was dead laid back and interested in our futures and generally us as people.

After that we all went for Chinese food! That's the thing about SCARPA Squad. You do some really important work like chatting to ministers about young people going missing but you also do loads of fun stuff too.


Team building

In February half term a group of nine of us went to an outdoor activity centre for a day. We thought it was class! It was a lethal trip and it gave us all chance to bond as a group. There was loads of team building stuff although it was dead muddy and we tried to hide the other team's orienteering clues in the mud. Archery was fun too and climbing was cool. The whole trip was actually amazing. 

Being filmed for BBC news

Another exciting thing SCARPA Squad have done was being filmed for BBC news recently. We were showing the reporters how young people can support each other. I think it's important that people get to hear the good side of things. We're all young people who've been involved with SCARPA but no longer do the stuff we used to do and we want to help other people who are in similar situations. I think it was a good thing being involved in the news though it's mad to think that we'll be on everybody's telly. 

‘It was a bit weird getting filmed as the camera kept being put in my face. I hope I didn't eat my grapes in front of it or look stupid having a drink. It was the most high pressured cup of tea I've had in my life.’

By SCARPA Squad - Guest bloggers

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Thanks for sharing this, it seems like a great piece of work. I thought your five points for the Minister were spot on.

We appreciate your comment, Jane. I've forwarded it along to be shared with the young people who wrote the piece.