Posted: 20 September 2016

Kimberley Wilson: Life is always better with cake

I’ve always seen baking as an adventure.

It’s an opportunity to develop new skills, play with flavours and to feed your loved ones (and yourself) delicious food.

And it should be fun, maybe a bit challenging but without it feeling like one of the labours of Hercules.

Since 2010, when the Great British Bake Off kicked off, the nation has gone baking mad.

When I made it to the finals in 2013 I had no idea how many people had been inspired by the show to get in to their kitchen and try out some of the things they had seen.

So many people began getting together to bake with friends and family, which is fantastic news for charity bake sales like The Children’s Society’s Bake and Brew.

Advice for Bake and Brew

My advice is always to keep things fairly simple for bake sales and to make both sweet and savoury recipes to cater for all tastes.

It’s also worth trying to make something new and interesting that people will enjoy and remember.

Herbs make a great addition to any recipe, as they add a tasty zing and zest that can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes.

My Lemon and Rosemary Butter Biscuits and Cheese, Onion and Sage Scones are really easy to bake and you can even make in bulk to put in the freezer for later. 

I design my recipes to be as inclusive as possible so they should all be manageable for the enthusiastic beginner, including children.  

Baking with young carers 

It was great to meet 17 year old Abi, a passionate cake baker at The Children’s Society’s Young Carers Festival in June, held in partnership with the YMCA in Botley, Hampshire.

I’ve always believed that food is so much more than sustenance, it’s never just about filling your stomach.

It’s about love and bringing families together.

Abi confirmed this when she told me how her love of baking helps to keep her family together, including her mum who she looks after full-time and her brother.

Baking a cake and having friends round helps to make her family feel happier and acts as a welcome respite from the worries that come with being a young carer. Abi told me; ‘life is always better with cake,’ a great motto and one that I can definitely endorse!

Supporting The Children's Society

Meeting some of the 1,400 young people who attended the Young Carers Festival totally inspired me to support Bake and Brew.

It provides an opportunity for people who love baking and want to help change the lives of young people like Abi.

Money raised from Bake and Brew helps The Children’s Society support vulnerable young people across the country in their 80 services, which help children who are victims of sexual exploitation, runaways, young carers, refugees, children living in poverty and more.

At the Young Carers Festival, I judged a cake baking competition which showed the amazing amount of flair and creativity amongst young people, which is really encouraging for Bake and Brew to continue in the future!

It also gave me food for thought to meet these truly inspiring and courageous young people with the huge amount of passion and work that had gone into some of their creations, despite the everyday sacrifices they make to help support their loved ones.

Hold a Bake and Brew

Holding a Bake and Brew event really is a piece of cake with fantastic downloadable free resources and a great excuse for a party.

You never know – it could also provide valuable experience to help you avoid getting a soggy bottom and qualify you as a contestant for the next British Bake Off!

 Get involved with bake and brew

By Kimberley Wilson - Guest bloggers

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