Posted: 05 November 2013

Join us on Tumblr

Do you use Tumblr? If not, it’s a blogging platform that allows users to post photos, text, audio, videos, links, quotes and to ‘like’ or ‘reblog’ other users’ content, too. 

Have a look at our Tumblr to see what I mean – we focus on the many interesting and inspiring blogs that have drawn our attention in the few months since we’ve joined. 

Going viral, craving infographics and more

Our latest posts on Tumblr include the emotions that make marketing campaigns go viral, the best times to post on social media and why your brain craves infographics.

Here are a handful of images from our latest Tumblr posts.

GIF of Tumblr post images

So why not sign up, follow us and share your thoughts and ideas with us on all things digital? We’re posting the best digital ideas that we spot, and would love to hear what catches your eye.


By Christina Grocott - Digital team

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