Posted: 24 November 2014

Join our #Caroloke campaign

Get involved in our #Caroloke campaign

Why not show your Christmas spirit and have fun with friends and family by sharing a video of you singing or playing your favourite Christmas carol in aid of The Children’s Society?

If your friends like your video they can 

Text CAROL to 70007 

to donate £3 to help keep children on the streets safe this Christmas.

How it works

Record your video1. Record

Use your mobile phone, webcam or digital camera to record yourself singing or playing your favourite Christmas carol or Christmas song.

Download our song sheets if you want some ideas. 

Upload your image2. Upload

Upload your video to your favourite social network, we recommend Facebook or Twitter but feel free to post it wherever you prefer.

Tag and Share your video3. Tag and share

Make sure you tag your post with #Caroloke, and let your friends know how they can donate by sharing the text number or this donation form with them.  

If you like, you could tag friends in your video and nominate them to share their #Caroloke too - here's a short link to this page:

We've made it nice and easy - here is a printable instruction sheet and below are some examples of share text that you can copy and paste into your posts.


Here is my #Caroloke for The Children’s Society -

Text CAROL to 70007 to donate £3 and help transform a child’s life.


My #Caroloke for @childrensociety

Text CAROL to 70007 to donate £3 and help transform a child’s life.

Here's some tips on how to make a great video


Remember, you don’t have to do a whole carol, you could just sing or play the chorus. The best videos are usually around 30 seconds long.


It's important people can see your happy faces in the video, so make sure the room isn’t too dark when you're filming.


Make sure you sing or play loud enough for people to hear your carol.

Your carol

Can’t think of a carol or Christmas song? No problem. We have put together some of our favourites to inspire you. Check out our Spotify playlist.


Have a party and get your friends together to make the video - you could get them to share it too.

Get a group of colleague together for a lunchtime sing-song, or make it a family occasion and get your children involved.

Why not hold up a sign before and after your carol to remind people to donate to the campaign or to make their own video?

Tag friends in your video and nominate them to share their own #Caroloke too.

But most of all... have fun and thanks for supporting our #Caroloke campaign!

Why support #Caroloke?

Photograph of Megan

The funds raised from #Caroloke help children. 

This December more than 7,000 children will run away from home into violence and danger on the streets. 


By taking part in #Caroloke you're helping us keep children safe this Christmas.

Please donate now to protect children from abuse. Thank you for your support.


By Sophie Raeburn - Digital team

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