Posted: 16 December 2014

'I've learnt so much and everyone's been really helpful'

Armed with plenty of passion for the cause, Policy and Parliamentary Intern Adjoa joined our policy team in October, ready to make a difference.  

Having read the Debt Trap report before applying for the role, Adjoa was clued in when she embarked on her internship, her first experience of working in social policy. 

For the past two months, Adjoa’s been working on a report which will form an upcoming part of our Debt Trap campaign. 

Finding direction 

Initially, Adjoa’s day-to-day work consisted mostly of researching in order to get the report off the ground. She believes this was the hardest part of her internship so far: 'I didn’t know what I wanted to find, didn’t know what I was trying to find, and didn’t know what was relevant or not'. 

Though social policy work was a new experience, she has put her instincts to the test on a regular basis. She said: ’There was a lot of going down the rabbit-hole and hoping there was something useful at the end'. 

This investigation certainly paid off. Adjoa unearthed a piece of council tax legislation that’s given the report something to focus on and a clear direction to take. A brilliant achievement, Adjoa cites this as her project highlight so far.

‘Every day is really, really different’

Research is far from all she’s been doing here. She’s quick to dispel any ideas that her role may be repetitive. She said: 'I get given lots of different things to do so that I can get a feel for the report in general'. 

Working from a project plan, Adjoa’s been carrying out a variety of the tasks that need to be completed before a report can be published. This has been anything from drafting an FOI to calling children’s centres across the country to arrange family interviews. 

Trips to parliament 

On top of her varied work, Adjoa’s also had the chance to leave the office and head to parliament twice. 

On the first occasion she had the opportunity to live tweet as Sam Royston, Head of Policy, gave evidence to a select committee regarding the Childcare Payments Bill. She also attended parliament in support of the Children’s Commission on Poverty report. 

She says both were fantastic experiences and a great insight into the work we are doing. 

‘I can’t believe it’s nearly over’

As she nears the end of her project, Adjoa is able to look back and know that her project has made a difference. The report is due to go out in March and aims to further the success of the Debt Trap campaign.

When asked to comment on her time here, Adjoa couldn’t praise her experience enough, ‘I’ve learnt so much and everyone’s been really helpful. It’s such a lovely environment here’ she says. 

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