Posted: 30 March 2015

I've given up my bed for 40 days and 40 nights

Can you tell us what you've done as part of Lent?

I have given up my bed and am sleeping in a box for lent, because I would like everyone to have a happy life  I am trying to raise money for The Children's Society so they can help children have a good life.

How did you get your idea?

Mum got me a big box for my birthday, I had asked for one. I decided to sleep in it and then realised it was a fun game for me but for some people it is real life and they dont have a comfortable bed or happy home to go to.

Why did you decide to do this?

I decided to raise money for The Children's Society because I have heard about them in church and church club. I looked at their website and decide they do a great job so chose to tell people about them and their work and hopefully raise lots of money to help them. You can support me on my JustGiving page.

What's it been like? Is it different from what you expected?

It is not very comfortable at all and a lot different from my bed - it is smaller and it is cosier and warmer if I curl up.

Have you told friends, family and people at school about your project? What have they said?

My friends at school ask me each day how I am  getting on, people are keen to hear how much I am raising. People from church have donated and encouraged me. Lots of people think it is a good think to do.

Strangers talk to me and ask me about it because lots of people are talking about it and it has been in the local paper. My mum really helps and supports me and tells people about what I am doing. 




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