Posted: 03 July 2014

'It was really good fun': Inspired youths host a Bake and Brew

Charlotte Mulcock, left, a supporter in West Yorkshire, hosted a Bake and Brew in support of our work. She recently answered our questions, sharing her fantastic tips about being inspired and hosting a DO of her own.

Find out how you can get involved - organise a Big Summer DO to help vulnerable children across the country.

Q: What inspired you to fundraise on our behalf?

A: One of your speakers recently gave a talk on the programme work done by you at our youth group. He was really inspiring, so we decided to do some fundraising.

Why did you choose to do a Bake and Brew?

We chose this activity because there have been many successful coffee mornings at the churches we attend, so we thought it would be a good for raising lots of money.

What did you do to plan prepare for the Bake and Brew?

For planning and preparation, our leaders booked the venue, date and time well in advance of the event. After that we met every Wednesday evening for about a month to order free online resources, advertise, and create a PowerPoint informing people of the cause and getting them involved. Finally, we discussed what we were going to do and whose job was whose for the day.

How did you promote your fundraising event?

We put posters in the local shop, post office, doctors' office, chemist and primary school. We also showed a PowerPoint and gave a talk to our two local churches (The Methodist Long Lee and St Barnabas Long Lee) to get them involved.

Are you planning any other fundraising activities?

Yes definitely! It was really good fun, so we are hoping to do more fundraising activities in the future and attend many more.

What are your top tips for other people looking to fundraise?

My top tips for others fundraisers are: 

  • Plan your event carefully
  • Advertise
  • Get others involved
  • Keep a clear mind and do not doubt all your hard work
By Charlotte Mulcock - Guest bloggers

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