Posted: 11 July 2013

Introducing Teagan Seeley, Digital Intern

What do you do as a Digital Intern here at The Children’s Society? 

I work with the Social Media Community Manager in developing and delivering content across the organisation’s social media channels. I help create content to promote fundraising events, our corporate partnerships, our campaigns and other work we do. Finally, I help respond to online comments and queries, and conduct analysis and evaluations of our social media content.  

Beyond being an intern, what else do you do?

I am going into my final year at the University of Kansas where I study communication, public policy and Spanish. I have only been in London for a few weeks, and when I am not in class or working I am out exploring the city!

How have you found living in London?

I absolutely love London, but it is definitely challenging my navigational skills. I spend a good amount of my time being lost, but it always leads to an adventure!

I also love how diverse the culture here is, and that there is always something to do. I have really been enjoying trying all different types of cuisine, and found that I have a taste for Lebanese food. 

How did you come to do your internship at The Children’s Society?

I was placed here by my study abroad programme based on my CV and my interest in non-profit charity work. They thought I would be a good fit because of my interest in both policy and communication. 

In addition to helping children, are there any other causes you support or are passionate about?

I support the National Crime Prevention Council’s cyber bullying platform. After learning about the impacts of cyber bullying on children, I realized how important these types of organisations are for the future welfare of young people. 

So far, how have you found being an intern here?

I love the environment and I feel like I am learning a lot about the organisation and what it takes to run a large non-profit. I have really enjoyed sitting in different meetings about the organisations campaigns and policies. Everyone here has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and feel like I am a part of the team. 

Would you like to mention anything we haven't spoken of?

I love that The Children’s Society focuses on helping all children from very diverse backgrounds. I think this is especially important given the fact that London has such a diverse culture in itself. 

By Teagan Seeley - Digital team

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