Posted: 12 June 2012

Introducing Rosie Rutherford, Media Intern

Today we're proud to introduce Rosie Rutherford, our Media Intern. Over the next several weeks she will pen a handful of stories about her experiences as part of our busy media team.

We begin Rosie's series with a brief Q&A.

What do you do as a Media Intern here at The Children’s Society?

As a Media Intern I write a lot of regional press releases, which could be about anything from a new shop opening, to information about The Children’s Society programmes across the country. I’m also responsible for getting the press releases I write into local media organisations. This means phoning up newspapers and radio stations and pitching the story to them.

As well as this I sit in on meetings, take notes and occasionally give my opinions too. But if you ask anyone on the media team, my most important job is to make the tea!

Beyond being an intern, what else do you do?

I’ve just finished my first year at the University of Winchester studying Drama and Creative Writing which was very enjoyable. Now I’m home for the summer and throwing myself back into local theatre.

Currently I’m assistant stage managing a production of Wind in the Willows (with my little sister making her stage debut as Mole!), which is fun but very challenging. As well as all the props and costumes and staging, I need to make sure 22 children are in the right place at the right time! 

In addition to children’s well-being, are there any other causes you support or are passionate about?

As a drama student this goes without saying, but I firmly believe that theatre is beneficial to society, be it for children or adults. Working with Beckenham Theatre Centre I’ve seen how theatre changes and improves people’s lives.

You look really familiar. . . . What other roles have you had at The Children's Society?

I’ve been involved with The Children's Society in one way or another since I was eleven – nearly eight years! I was first a part of the Genesis Project, which specialises in helping children with the transition from primary to secondary school. I got a lot of help from them and decided to work with them as a peer mentor in order to help younger pupils.

A year after I left Genesis I got back in touch and asked if there was anything I could do. I eventually was made a young trustee. The young trustees attend all of the organisation's trustee meetings and represent the voice of children and young people. They also help out in other ways, including being part of the interview process for some of the big jobs in the charity.

Now I’m back in the media team, for the second time. I just can’t stay away!

So far, what achievement at The Children’s Society are you most proud of?

I’ve had so many amazing experiences it’s hard to choose! I suppose being able to say I interviewed the new Chief Executive, Matthew Reed is pretty cool. Also, even though it was the first thing I did with The Children’s Society, I’m pretty proud of my time as a peer mentor with Genesis.

Would you like to talk about anything we haven't spoken of?

I guess just how happy I am to be back here. I feel really at home with The Children's Society and working with the media team is by far the best job I’ve ever had. The wonderful people I work with, and the overall atmosphere is friendly and calm.

By Rosie Rutherford - Media team

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