Posted: 06 November 2014

Introducing our interns

Since graduating from university in July, I’d spent my summer running my own blog and patiently waiting for some inspiration regarding which direction my future would take. When, after months of awaiting the perfect opportunity, I saw the position of Digital Editorial Intern at The Children’s Society advertised, I leapt at the chance to put my English graduate skills to use. 

Having spent most of my life around children, and having had a happy childhood, I’ve always felt passionately that every child has the right to the same. Therefore working for The Children’s Society seemed like the perfect fit. I’d get to use the skills I’d developed over the years to help promote the work of a charity whose work I truly believe in.

Starting out

At the beginning of October, I joined the twelve other interns as our internships commenced. After some initial training which included learning about the charity, ice-breaker activities and a free lunch, we were now prepared to take on our roles. 

While many of us remain at HQ in London (albeit across different areas of the organisation), there are also interns based across the country in Manchester and Birmingham. Between us we’re taking on a wide range of roles across the organisation. This means there are a variety of projects to complete, experiences to be had and skills to be learnt. 

Interns making an impact

As the Digital Editorial Intern, I spend my days editing the content that appears online. Every day I read about the problems facing children and young people in the UK; I also get to see the brilliant work we and our volunteers are doing to help these people. 

As interns, we aren’t spending our days photo copying and making tea.  Over the 3 month internship, each intern will complete a project which aims to impact on The Children’s Society or its service users. My job is to run the interns blog; allowing you to see all the fantastic work they’ve been doing.

Toys, IT and volunteers

Toy Librarian Emma is running a Toy Library in Hove, while IT Intern Abida is producing a new introductory IT package. National Service Design Intern Philippa is reporting on current CSE service provision, and Marketing and Events Intern Beth is hosting a Christmas Event for volunteers in Manchester. 

These are just a few examples of the work the interns will be doing. Over the coming weeks I’ll be introducing you to each of the interns and their fascinating projects.

At the halfway mark of my internship I’ve already met some amazing people and learnt a wealth of skills that I’ll be able to put to use in the future. In writing this blog I’m looking forward to finding out how the various projects are developing, as well as seeing what the other interns and I can achieve in our final 6 weeks.


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