Posted: 18 December 2014

'Interning here is even better than expected'

Stella joined our human resources team because she wanted to ‘fully immerse herself’ in a working HR department. 

While she’s always had a keen interest in HR and holds a master’s degree in occupational psychology, this is her first HR position since arriving in the UK. Having found herself in a variety of different roles since living in London, Stella feels this internship has finally helped her get back on track for a career in HR.

‘I feel my work here will have a good impact’

Just like the twelve other interns of this year’s internship cohort (whose experiences you can read about on our volunteer’s blog), Stella’s had her own individual project to complete during her time here. 

Stella is conducting research into the way we recruit new employees. Her aim has been to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment process, and based on this, suggest areas for improvement. 

In order to truly understand the recruitment process, Stella’s had to gain feedback from hiring managers, new employees and even prospective applicants who left their applications incomplete. 

Through open-ended questions in surveys and detailed phone calls, Stella discovered that many of these candidates simply weren’t tech-savvy and believed their applications had been sent. Needless to say, Stella spoke to a number of confused individuals during her research.

‘It’s been a great experience’

Stella’s completed her research ahead of schedule and made her recommendations weeks before her internship is due to end. It’s an impressive achievement, especially as she’s been volunteering here on top of working a full-time job. 

Stella says that one of the best things about interning here is that she gets to see action being taken as a result of her project. 

With research showing that many hiring managers felt they needed more guidance while assessing candidates, a possible new assessment form for use during interviews is set to be implemented. 

Her research also found the ‘on-boarding’ stage of recruitment - the point at which new employees begin working with us - to be problematic. Stella’s findings in this area overlap with those of IT Intern Abida, who has formulated a new introductory package to rectify this. 

‘A valuable experience’

Stella’s project has helped The Children’s Society and it has helped her too. 

Stella took the opportunity with us to gain a better understanding of the procedures and processes than go on within a charity HR department. She said: 'I wanted to use this experience to progress and to improve my position'. 

The internship has given Stella an area to pursue as well as being something she’ll be able to refer to when she applies for future jobs.

‘I feel very lucky’

It’s not just professionally though that the role has affected her. She said: ‘From a social point of view it’s been great’. Speaking highly of the warm and approachable people she’s met here, it’s unsurprising that Stella hopes to stay in touch with many of them.

Stella’s only regret is that she would have liked to have been able to come to the office more often. She works just 10 hours a week.

Feeling she is leaving her role having made a positive lasting impact, did Stella have any last words on her internship? ‘It was even better than I expected’, she says with a smile.

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