Posted: 15 March 2013

Interning in the Digital Marketing team

What do you do as a Digital Intern here at The Children’s Society? 

I work mainly with social media—writing, editing and scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts about the organisation’s activities and achievements—but I also get to help with the intern and volunteer blogs. Beyond those responsibilities, I’m joining meetings and visiting programmes, which are great opportunities to see first-hand what the organisation does.

Beyond being an intern, what else do you do?

I’m a third-year student studying English literature at The College of New Jersey, studying abroad for a semester here in London. When I’m not in the office, I go to class and explore as much of London as I can. 

How have you found living in London?

London has such a different pulse than any other city I’ve encountered—with a fascinating mixture of ancient history and diverse culture. With all its museums, parks, shopping and food markets, there’s always something to do and new places to explore.  I absolutely love it here in London, and I’ll certainly miss it when I’m back in the States.

How did you come to do your internship at The Children’s Society?

My London study abroad program placed me with The Children’s Society based on my CV. It was actually a bit of a struggle, because I received my placement much later than my peers, which caused me quite a bit of anxiety. But once I received this position and learned more about the causes and programs that The Children’s Society sponsors, I grew very excited. This internship matches my interests in learning about and aiding disadvantaged people. It also allows me to hone my writing and editing skills, so it was well worth the wait. 

In addition to helping children, are there any other causes you support or are passionate about?

In addition to English literature, I’m also a women’s and gender studies student. As a result, I’m interested in causes that benefit and/or raise awareness for those marginalized in society. I’m particularly interested in organisations that work with younger girls to educate them about body image and to help raise their self-esteem. 

So far, how have you found being an intern here?

Though I’ve only been an intern here for a few days, I already feel very comfortable with the organisation. Everyone here is open and friendly—willing to chat with me, trust me with a lot of responsibilities, even offering to get me cups of tea! I like how inclusive and welcoming everyone is.  

Would you like to mention anything we haven't spoken of?

I’m really lucky to have the opportunity not only to study here in London but also to have this internship. My time in this city and organisation teaches me more about British policies and culture. It’s definitely a unique experience that will help me later in my career and life. 

By Samantha Pena - Digital team

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