Posted: 28 January 2016

An interactive look at young carers' lives

Note: in recognition of Young Carers Awareness Day, we're sharing a report based on the most recent UK census. Learn about our work supporting young carers and their families.

The following story was posted on 16 May 2013

Census figures released today show that 166,000 children, aged 5-17, are caring for their siblings, parents or others. This shocking number is likely to underestimate the true picture, as many young carers remain hidden from official statistics and the agencies set up to identify and support them.

Today we’re publishing our new report Hidden from View that combines the latest census data with new analysis of a government-backed survey that tracked the lives of around 15,000 young people over a seven-year period from ages 13 and 14.

Our report, summarised in the infographic below, paints a picture of who young carers are, their family circumstances and the effect caring has on their achievement in education and early employment. It's a great summary of the report.

Also, to find out more about young carers, you can find stories by young carers on our Young Carers in Focus project's website. The project enables young carers across the UK to share their experiences using a safe social networking site.

Hidden from View

By David Hounsell - Policy team