Posted: 18 July 2014

'If you don't have the right materials to learn, you can miss out on an education'

This blog was written as part of The Children's Commission on Poverty. The commission was led by sixteen children aged 10-19 to uncover the true cost of school life for those living in poverty, through young eyes. Cyrus was one of the commissioners who launched the report 'At what cost? Exposing the true cost of school'. 

I’ve been a commissioner for about a year now, and I decided to join up because I want to make a change, and give all children an equal chance at life. My biggest highlight of the year was our visit to the peace centre, as it was the first time the group came together, and this was a key moment. It made us like a family, working better together, and if we work well together then we can help people.

It’s really important that the commission investigate the cost of schooling, because it’s such a key part of childhood. The cost of materials especially is a really important subject, because if you don’t have the right materials to learn, because you don’t have the money to buy them, you can miss out on a good education. I think that schools could provide financial support for families that are short on money, to buy materials children need for school.

In school I saw a kid in my year get bullied ‘cause he couldn’t afford school shoes, so the school had bought him some. I never thought that it was right. It’s run around in my mind so many times, that he got bullied for what he was born into; it wasn’t his fault his family struggled. I hope we get answers to the questions we raise at the inquiry, and that we can use the answers to try and better people’s lives.

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