Posted: 04 October 2016

London Marathon: Join our team, and watch last year's team run 26 miles in 30 seconds

We are getting excited for the London Marathon Ballot Results and taking a look back at the fantastic efforts made by our marathon runners.

We asked some of our London Marathon Medal holders how long they had been a serious runner and how they found their training:

  • 'Serious runner for less than a year, training was tough, but has allowed me to fall in love with training!' -George Lake
  • 'Fantastic experience – hard work & painful but great at the end' -Mike Martin
  • 'Ha! I "jogged" for fitness. Ran the Great South Run last year and thought, Why not sign up for a marathon!? -Tracy Cox

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Running the London Marathon in 30 seconds

Have a look at our team's progress along the London Marathon course. Each square represents a runner, with the fastest completing the course in just over three hours. The last of our team finished a little longer than six hours after beginning. (You can find the full map on the CartoDB website.)

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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