Posted: 17 May 2013

'I would like to see my friends more often, but I can’t'

We released Hidden from View, our new report on young carers, yesterday. The report features a combination of the most recent census data and analysis of broader trends around young carers. It's an interesting, sobering read.

Learn more about Hidden from View:

We're also featuring the young people behind the report. This week we've Joanne and Kelly have shared their experiences as young carers. Tye's story is below.

In addition, our Young Carers in Focus project features many more stories by young carers. The project enables young carers across the UK to share their stories and get their voices heard using a safe social networking site - if you're a young carer or know someone who is, please have a look and get involved.

Tye's story

For Tye, days start and finish unpredictably, depending on how much he has to help care for his 7-year-old brother. His brother has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, which can cause his behaviour to change throughout the day depending on how his routine goes. He sometimes takes his frustration out on Tye, who is 13.

Tye said: 'We share a bedroom, so if my brother gets up very early I have to wake up then too. I make his breakfast and help him to get ready - before getting myself ready.'

The early starts make it difficult for Tye to get organised for school and he often feels very tired during the day as a result. This makes Tye and his three siblings late for school at times.

Tye helps to care for his brother to give his parents a break and because his little brother demands it.

'I would like to see my friends more often, but I can’t. Most nights I have to go home to help look after my little brother. We are so close that he usually only wants my help, rather than anyone else. I do feel frustrated at times and would like to see my friends more.'

Tye also struggles to get space at home to do his homework. He feels he could put more effort into his school work if he had more time to do so.


More about young carers

Visit Young Carers in Focus, a national network that allows young carers to communicate, share stories and campaign for the things that matter most to them

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By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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