Posted: 07 January 2014

'I would honestly recommend volunteering of any kind to anyone'

I’m Ismail from Burnham-on-Sea and I am a 16-year-old volunteer at The Children’s Society charity shop in Burnham high street.

I am currently studying for my A Levels at The King Alfred School, and volunteer at the shop for three hours each Saturday. I enjoy spending time with friends, going to the gym, watching television and when I get the chance, camping and hiking.

Before I started volunteering, my Saturday mornings often consisted of returning from my paper round, and then aimlessly wondering what to do with myself.

Now, I get home at lunch and enjoy my weekend in the knowledge that I have done something to contribute towards helping children who need help the most.

It feels like a very good use of my time and I would honestly recommend volunteering of any kind to anyone, particularly youths like myself who have free time, as I feel it has great potential to broaden you as a person.

When I began volunteering, I was instantly made to feel welcome by the shop manager and introduced to the other volunteers, all of which are great people to be around and extremely friendly.

Health and safety rules and regulations were covered well before I started, and I was given a nice little introductory tour around the shop and given an outline of what kind of things I might be doing in the following weeks.

There's little pressure though, if I'm unsure about a certain task, I can just ask and any one of the store volunteers is happy to help me. I am just about to start my sixth week of volunteering and I look forward to continuing for many, many more.

The best thing about it is remembering the fantastic work that the charity does for children in the toughest of situations all over the country.

The Children’s Society is a rope of hope for children to hold on to, and I hope that with my help for three hours on a Saturday in a small seaside town shop, that I have made that rope just a little bit longer. 


By Ismail Abdelrahim - Guest bloggers

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I think it's great that young people like you Ismail are prepared to selflessly give your time to help others and expect nothing in return. Well done. I really enjoyed reading your blog post - very well written! Good Luck with your A levels!