Posted: 01 May 2014

'I wanted to help other children'

Lana Furness is on a mission to raise £1000 in support of our work. As the news clipping above illustrates, she recently gave up sweets. Her next project is to cycle around Grafham Waters in Huntingdon. Lana, age 10, recently took time to answer our questions about how she's fundraising and why it matters.

If Lana's story inspires you, find out about organising your own fundraising event - you can DO something to help vulnerable young people.

Q: What inspired you to fundraise on behalf of us?

Lana: I chose The Children's Society because I knew I wanted to help other children but didn't know how. My mum helped me look up children's charities and we found The Children's Society. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for, which was a charity that helped kids whose lives are maybe not always happy or safe.

Q: Is there a reason why you chose this particular activity?

A: I gave up sweets once before for Lent so I knew I could do it, but I also knew it would be a challenge.

Q: Did you do any planning or preparation before the event?

A: Yes, for my birthday I got a large chocolate bar but instead of opening it I put it aside until March. I also had to give my parents anything I had left over from Christmas for them to take care of for the month so I wouldn't be tempted.

Q: What did you do to promote your fundraising, and how did you collect donations?

A: My mum set up a JustGiving page for me and advertised it on her Facebook page. She also contacted the local paper and I answered questions and had my picture taken.

Q: Are you planning any other fundraising activities?

A: Yes, I am planning to complete events all year long as I want to raise £1000 by next February. I am planning to cycle round Grafham Water twice, which is about 18 miles. I am also hoping to swim lengths at my local pool. I don't have anything else planned yet but will be doing at least four more events or activities like maybe selling cakes or washing cars.

Q: Very impressive. Final question: What are your top tips for other people looking to fundraise?

A: Contact your local paper and always have another event planned, something that's fun but challenging.


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Visit Lana's JustGiving page

Find out how you can organise a fundraising event - DO something to help vulnerable young people

By Lana Furness - Guest bloggers

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