Posted: 14 July 2015

'I want to prove to people that poverty is a big issue in England'

This blog was written as part of The Children's Commission on Poverty. The commission was led by sixteen children aged 10-19 to uncover the true cost of school life for those living in poverty, through young eyes. Caitlyn was one of the commissioners who launched the report 'At what cost? Exposing the true cost of school'.

My name is Caitlyn and I have been in The Children’s Commission on Poverty for nearly a year. I became part of the commission because I see a lot of poverty where I live, and want to prove to people that poverty is a big issue in England and doesn’t just occur in other countries.

The highlights of my time as a young commissioner have been gathering information from other commissioners, and sharing opinions and differences. I enjoyed these things because it shows me a side of poverty that I hadn’t seen or thought about before.

Why we're investigating the cost of school and school meals

I believe the commission is discussing the cost of schooling because schooling is compulsory however often relatively expensive, and quite a high majority of families and children struggle. This issue is getting bigger and bigger and needs to be resolved.

I think school meals are one of the biggest on-going issues. A lot of students are entitled to free school meals but don’t receive them because they feel embarrassed. Despite this I believe every child, no matter what circumstance, should have a healthy meal at least once a day without having to worry about it.

We will be running an inquiry in Parliament. I hope to get answers and resolutions to the problem of child poverty. For example I would like to know what restricts you to a free school meal and who should get it.

I believe that all children in education should get free school meals no matter what circumstance they are in. I believe this as it means nobody is embarrassed about being on free school meals and every child can eat a healthy balanced meal, this meal will make them concentrate more and in the long run do better in their education.

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