Posted: 02 June 2013

'I talk about The Children’s Society and usually get very positive responses'

David Bishop is the Diocesan President for Liverpool and has been volunteering with The Children’s Society since July 2012.

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From volunteer speaker to Diocesan President

Having been a supporter of The Children's Society for many years, I was very happy to be able to offer some time as a volunteer speaker.

My role has since expanded and I was asked to take on the role of Diocesan President earlier this year. This means I’m also involved with the campaign side of things , especially trying to encourage local councils in the Merseyside area to sign up to the Make Runaways Safe and Fair and Square campaigns.

Free school meals for all children in poverty

The issue about free school meals with the Fair and Square campaign is also high up the agenda in this area. It is estimated that in Merseyside, over 20000 children are not getting the free school meals. How this can affect the students' performance at school is well documented.

These sorts of issues are challenging but also rewarding, knowing that the lives of some children may be improved.

On a positive note Liverpool Cathedral has been hugely encouraging in their support and has agreed to hold a workshop type event about The Children’s Society in January 2014. This is for school children across the Diocese and will culminate in a special Christingle service!

They are also allocating monthly slots to charities to promote themselves and we have managed to get December exclusively for The Children’s Society. This is usually the time when the cathedral has the biggest footfall so it’s a great opportunity to promote what we do.

Mossley Hill Family Fun Day

Before then, 23 June is the date for the Mossley Hill Family Fun Day.

This is an event that has been held successfully at Mossley Hill Athletic Club (in conjunction with Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services) for a number of years (under the name of Teddy Bear’s Picnic) and raising substantial sums for local and national charities and community groups.

We have been offered a stall, which is an opportunity for us to raise money for The Children’s Society, as well as promote ourselves.

Speaking out

As I go around the diocese in various roles, I often have the opportunity to talk about The Children’s Society and usually get very positive responses.

Sometimes this leads to a request to find out more and give a talk. It would be great to put together a small group of people who can share in this in the Merseyside area. If anyone feels they can take on this role, please do get in touch.

The contrast between the many children I come across who are very loved and the many children disadvantaged in different ways is enormous.

I know that our supporters regard it as a privilege to help raise the profile of a charity which does so much to help.

By David Bishop - Guest bloggers

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