Posted: 22 June 2013

'I really enjoyed my time at The Children's Society's headquarters'

I got involved with The Children’s Society and their intergenerational project when I attended South Rise Primary School. I was in year six at the time. After I got to know the project, I was introduced to the older generation.

As soon as they got comfortable, they told us stories about how things were when they were younger. Some of the stories we got to act out with them. One of the stories was when an older woman bunked school and went and climbed a hill her with friends to pick berries, but the next day she got wiped by her teacher.

To hear the story was surprising as I thought the woman was nothing but good, but it turned out she got into trouble sometimes, like younger people today. It was nice to hear how when she was younger she went through the same things young people are going through today.

Hearing older people's stories of being young

When you sit down and talk to the older generation you see that they are just like you and me when they were younger.

The meetings with the older generation started happening a lot often in the weeks after I left my primary school, then about six months later I got a phone call from my project worker asking if I wanted to carry on the project in secondary school.

I happily accepted because I wanted to give something back to The Children's Society after my previous positive experiences. So for the past year some older people from my neighbourhood and I have been on a lot of trips and discussions about The Children’s Society.

My day at The Children’s Society

I visited The Children’s Society headquarters as part of Volunteers’ Week.

After I arrived in the morning, Finn from the volunteering team showed me around the building – he showed me the different rooms and told me things about The Children’s Society. After that he took me to see Simon Burne, who told me more before taking me to the organisation’s digital team.

He introduced me to the heads of departments then I went to the digital team, where I met Matt, Dan and Lizzie, who showed me how the website works and how they use Facebook and Twitter.

After lunch I met the Matthew Reed, the charity’s Chief Exectutive, who asked me about how the older generation thinks good things about young, and vice versa. I told Matthew about the work I’d done with older people and he said that was a good way of doing connecting young people and older people by starting conservations.

In all, it was a great day. I really enjoyed my time at The Children’s Society’s headquarters.

By Mustafa Guest - Guest bloggers

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