Posted: 20 February 2015

How to support your child’s well-being: Be creative and play

As part of our ground breaking research into the well-being of children, we have worked with nef* to find out what children can do to support their own well-being and how you can help.

What we know

Only 7% of children who learn new things for fun (like music, languages, art or drama) most days or every day have low well-being – this rises to 17% of children who never or hardly ever  do so.

What you can do

Children are  naturally imaginative and creative. They can  take an object and  discover a hundred different uses for it, invent an entire character to be their imaginary friend or produce a masterpiece of modern art withjust a crayon.

Sadly, as they get older, it’s easy for children to lose this  ability. This is why it’s vital that they’re encouragedto continue with some form  of creative activity. Magic shows, storytelling, collage making, poetry reading, and  visiting  some of the wonderful museums and  galleries in the UK that offer free  entry, are all brilliant ways to get their creative juices flowing.

‘I like designing stuff. I like sketching things, copying things –it just makes me feel good that I can  draw  stuff.’ Antony, aged 8

For children, it’s almost impossible to separate creativity from play. Happily, most children need little encouragement to do it and playing inside and out are essential to their emotional and physical development. National Playday have produced some top tips* for parents to help encourage their children to play and their verdict? Turn off the TV and get outdoors, weather permitting of course! 

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To find out more about this issue you can read our full report.

By Katie Debra - Digital team