Posted: 31 May 2016

Meeting my MP was easier than I thought

As a Speaker for The Children’s Society, I care passionately about children and young adults. 

Giving all youngsters the best start in life is paramount.  I care because I had a rocky start in life but it worked out for me thanks to The Children's Society. 

I believe we should promote the good work The Children’s Society does, and so I recently went to speak to my MP, Anne Marie Morris, about the Seriously Awkward campaign.

Arranging a meeting

I have never visited my MP (or any MP) before, but it was very easy to arrange. 

I emailed the office and followed up with a phone call to make sure they’d received the email the following day.

Her secretary confirmed they were in the process of arranging a good time to meet.  The secretary informed me my MP was well aware of the Seriously Awkward campaign and had recently read all the up-to-date information. We made the appointment there and then.

The day of the meeting

I met my MP at her local surgery that runs in the local Library & Information Centre.

On the day of the meeting, her secretary came out to greet me and confirmed my details and what I had come to speak about. I signed a small confidentiality form they ask everyone to sign.

The meeting itself was so warm and welcoming. Anne Marie Morris was lovely; she gave me every opportunity to say what I wanted, and listened intently and showed her interest in me too. She confirmed her knowledge – I suspect she knew more than me! 

I introduced myself as one of her constituents and as a representative of The Children's Society, then gave her a very brief resume of how The Society has evolved over the last 135 years.

I updated her on the present good works of the charity and took with me some nicely colour printed information I downloaded.  She was well aware of the Seriously Awkward campaign and some of the challenges facing 16 and 17 year olds.

She asked me about my involvement and interest in the Children's Society.  I was able to give her a very brief resume of me, the history of the Society and why I was there: to highlight this particular campaign. 

She knew about all the work we do in the local area.  Her understanding was the whole area and not just her 'patch' or constituency.

We spoke for appx 15 mins, and I feel she would have allowed me longer, as she was in no way rushing me at all.

Following up

She asked to be personally kept in touch with all The Children Societies work and if I would send her regular emails to keep in touch and up to date. 

I felt I had her total support and, at her request, will email her further details, information, and news as available. 

I would love to meet her again: she was so welcoming, interested, and delightful and obviously has a great interest in us.  She made me feel I would always be welcome – anytime.

In all, it was a privilege to represent The Children's Society and meet with a delightful, enthusiastic and 'clued-up' MP.


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