Posted: 05 August 2015

How one church makes a difference

Box collector Dianne Eades shares some fundraising tips that saw St Hilda’s church in the West Midlands double the total amount of money it raised in a year for The Children’s Society. 

How do you raise money for The Children’s Society in your church?

We use the fundraising house boxes quite heavily and I am the box coordinator for my church. These are cardboard boxes that our supporters place in their home and collect their spare change in.  I coordinate this by giving other parishioners boxes to fill with any change they have lying about, and getting them to bring them into church so I can collect the money. This is then paid to The Children’s Society. We have about 35 box holders and together they raise about £600 a year. 

Last year your church raised even more than usual for The Children’s Society, how did you do this?

We always collect spare change using the boxes but last year our church ramblers group chose to do a sponsored walk for The Children’s Society. The charity chosen changes every year.  Although there just seven people on the walk, they raised £600 so we instantly doubled what we usually raise as a church each year. The church also made a donation to The Children’s Society as one of their missions.

Did any fundraising activity work particularly well for you?

The sponsored walk went really well. The Children’s Society Regional Fundraising Manager provided all the walkers with a goody bag with some treats and leaflets about the work of The Children’s Society and everyone who took part had a really good time.

How did you get the church involved in your fundraising activities?

As a church we’ve been supporting The Children’s Society for years! Longer than I can remember. But now, I find everyone at the church really supportive of my fundraising for The Children’s Society. We have lots of box holders and many young families come along to our Christingle service when we have one.

Will you continue to raise money for The Children’s Society?

Yes, I am collecting the boxes in at the moment! I am going to invite my cousin round one Friday evening to help me count them as it’s quite a big task, so it’s good to have someone to help out. I am also hoping to see if we can organise a Christingle service for either December or January.

What is the best piece of advice you can give for other churches that want to fundraise for The Children’s Society?

My top tip would be to ask The Children’s Society for one of their volunteer speakers to come along to an event or service at the church. We had a speaker come to our Christingle service in 2012 and 2013. It was great for our box holders to hear about the work of The Children’s Society at a service and find out how the money they raise helps children. And I was really chuffed too, because as a result of having a volunteer speaker come to our church, we also got a few new box holders

By Roseann Boyce - Guest bloggers

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