Posted: 10 October 2013

'Having that small amount of support from benefits was really important'

Actress and singer Kym Lomas supports Who Benefits?, the campaign to change public perceptions of benefits. Please read her story and share your story on the Who Benefits? website today.

Kym's story

Before my music career took off, I was a struggling single mum, looking after two small children and trying to do the best for my family. I used to struggle to pay the bills and at times it was even difficult to keep the house warm.  

I couldn't get work that covered the cost of living as well as childcare, so I relied on benefits to help me pay the bills.

I know that for me and my kids, having that small amount of support from benefits was really important. You don’t get an awful lot and I was on a very tight budget, but these benefits were a real life line, I don’t know what I would have done without them.

I was lucky that I got a break, but it could easily have been very different. Those early family days were a really tough time for me. And there are millions of families up and down the country who are going through the same thing today.


Share your story today

How important are benefits to you? Share your story on the Who Benefits? website.

By Kym Lomas - Guest bloggers

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