Posted: 09 October 2013

Great news for young carers, as seen on Twitter

Yesterday young carers received great news - the Education Secretary, Michael Gove MP, announced a major change in law. Now when a child is identified as a young carer, the needs of everyone in the family will be considered. (Read what, exactly, this new law means for young carers.)

As part of our Digital team, I was given the responsibility of utilising and closely monitoring this news on our social media channels throughout the day.

Immediately following the press release for this law, we sent tweets and Facebook posts that announced this great success. It was a rewarding feeling to witness all of the positive feedback and responses that we received from our supporters.

I was able to see the excitement and conversations about young carers that were spreading through social media. By continuing to monitor this conversation, including retweeting and responding to followers' comments. Today, I compiled a collection of some of our hard work for the rights of young carers. Please have a look and let us know what you think - leave a comment below or send us a tweet.



By Amanda Grassia - Digital team