Posted: 14 March 2011

The Good Childhood Conversations - start a dialogue in your community

So, who would go to 7 Good Childhood Conversations other than the fantastic Good Childhood Conversation facilitators? Well, as Director of Education for the Diocese of Truro, a Diocese asked by the Children’s Society to pilot the Good Childhood Conversations first, I did! And what a treat every single one of them was!

Each conversation was completely unique

Each Conversation was completely unique, ranging from a Conversation involving 60 young people, followed later in the day by a Conversation with their teachers and then in the evening another with their parents. What a pleasure it was to be part of that conversation and in particular to hear from the young people themselves!

I have attended Conversations attended by parents, another by members of church communities and another by members of the local community. Each event was different and reflected the local issues, opportunities and sometimes tensions. At the end of every event it was wonderful to have witnessed people talking about young people and the issues that face them in the 21st century. This was really heartening for me as an educationalist with a passion for improving the outcomes for young people.

Increased awareness and concern

What emerged from each event was an increased awareness and concern for our young people and not a condemning attitude which often prevails in the media.

Our young people face pressures we cannot sometimes imagine. What is clear is that, unless we start talking about young people and face up to the responsibility things will get harder for us all and what does this say about our society?

Easy and effective way of starting a dialogue in your community

The Good Childhood Conversations facilitated by the Children’s Society are an incredibly easy and effective way of starting a dialogue in your community, whether it be a school, a church or a wider audience or at their best a combination of everyone.

I cannot recommend them highly enough as a fantastic starting point  but also, as some of our parishes and schools here in Cornwall host follow-up Good Childhood  Conversations, they clearly indicate just the start of a journey which should lead to happier, healthier and well-rounded young people. 

Sue Green is the Director of Education for the Diocese of Truro

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By Sue Green - Guest bloggers

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