Posted: 17 February 2015

BenevoLent: I'm giving up cake for Lent

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Today, Simon Burne, Director of Fundraising & Marketing writes about what he is giving up during Lent.

My name is Simon Burne and I’m a cake-o-holic

My office is cake and chocolate driven. Not a day goes past without a moist piece of lemon drizzle or a tempting slice of carrot cake being proffered alluringly in my direction.

Some are shop-bought, many are home baked by the talented folk in my office. All are very difficult to resist! My name is Simon Burne and I’m a cake-o-holic. There, I’ve said it and I feel better already.  

Giving up cake for Lent is going to be a real challenge

For me, giving up cake for Lent is going to be a real challenge, especially as I’m sure my dear office colleagues will do everything they can to tempt me, day in, day out.

How am I going to cope? Here is my strategy:

  1. Start each day by staring in the mirror and say: 'My name is Simon, I’m a cake-o-holic. I do not need cake. I can resist'.
  2. Reward myself for each day of cake abstinence with a biscuit (the debate over whether Jaffa Cakes  count as a cake or a biscuit will rage no doubt – for the purposes of Lent, they are a biscuit)
  3. Develop a range of deflection techniques for those cakey tempters. These might include:
  • 'Not right now, thanks.'
  • 'I’ll put it in my drawer and eat it when Lent is over.'
  • Shout 'Look over there!' and hurl it out of the window when they’re distracted.
  • Taste but don’t swallow – tough one this.
  • Smile wanly and claim that I have an allergy to cake-based comestibles.
  • Run screaming from the building and hide in the shrubbery until the danger is past (I suspect this may happen quite often).

What are you giving up for Lent?

Why not cake - er, I mean take - the challenge this Lent and use our trusty BenevoLent tool: See how much you will save by giving up something for Lent. You can even donate your savings to support The Children Society.

By Simon Burne - Fundraising and events team

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