Posted: 08 June 2015

Get Tough n Buff: Sign up for our 30 day fitness challenge

Tough n Buff is our new 30-day fitness challenge. What is it about? How does it help children? What are burpees?

We spoke to Henry Rowling, our Director of Individual Giving, to get the details.

What is Tough n Buff?

It's a brand new fundraising campaign we just launched, which is  taking off in a big way. By going to the Tough n Buff website, you can sign up to the challenge – and get sponsored to push yourself through the challenge's 30 days.

The site integrates with Facebook so signing up is really easy. We did extensive product development and research to shape the end result. It wasn’t plucked out of thin air.

Also, you don't need a gym for the exercises - they're squats, push-ups, plank and burpees.

What's a burpee?

It's a strenuous exercise that works the whole body. It and all of the exercises come with an instructional video if you’re unsure.

Here is our 'How to do a burpee' video (view the video on YouTube).

Thanks. Did you know what a burpee was before starting this?

I had an idea it involved jumping around and getting tired.

'Sign up in June and do 30 days of fitness challenges'

How did you come up with the idea for Tough n Buff?

We noticed that online fitness is really popular, as are wearable tech like Fitbit and online fitness challenges. We figured: Why not do those things and do good at the same time?

Are you worried that this might be seen as putting pressure on people to lose weight?

No, we're not promoting one particular body image at all – rather we know that regular exercise can help sustain positive mental health so the campaign has a link to our core work.

How can people get involved?

We hope people will sign up in June and do 30 days of fitness challenges. The exercises are open to all abilities and go up in small incremental amounts daily. We would also like people to post to their social networks about Tough n Buff and get their friends and family involved. Getting in shape is good. Helping children is good.

Is there anything else important to mention?

Don’t forget to get sponsorship for your physical feats on Just Giving. The money you raise will support children in danger of abuse and exploitation.


No gym. No equipment. No problem!

Over 30 days, get fit, get sponsored and raise money to help vulnerable children in the UK.

Get Tough N Buff


By Henry Rowling - Fundraising and events team