Posted: 04 November 2015

From child prostitution to child sexual exploitation

One of the things I like best about working at The Children’s Society is that we campaign for change.

The work we do with children and young people on the frontline is not only transforming the lives of individuals but it also informs and inspires our campaigning at the national level.

If we want to end the suffering and abuse faced by too many children we need to change societal attitudes and the laws that govern our responses to vulnerable children.

It’s always worth remembering however that change takes time and perseverance. Our history shows  that by tirelessly campaigning for change and raising the issues highlighting the plight of the most vulnerable children we do make a difference.

Our campaigning for change for children affected by sexual exploitation is a good example of this.

Two decades of campaigning

We began campaigning publically for young people affected by child sexual exploitation in 1995. It’s been a long journey and much has changed, this interactive timeline highlights some of the key moments in our journey.

Help us continue this change 

We are now calling on the government to strengthen the law so all children and young people experiencing exploitation get the protection they need. 

Join the campaign

By Richard Crellin - Policy team

Take action to stop child sexual exploitation

Ask the Government to strengthen the law so that 16 and 17 year olds experiencing sexual exploitation are given protection, get the help they need and access to the justice they deserve.


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