Posted: 12 June 2014

Football fever: A look through our archives

In recognition of the World Cup beginning this evening, we gathered photos of some of the young people we have worked with - including the boys from Walsham pictured above - since our charity began in 1881.

We hope you enjoy these other photos from our archives. 

 Boys playing football at the St Alban’s Home

Boys playing football in North Hertfordshire.

Nottingham Forest football team with a child from a Society home

The Nottingham Forest football team played in support of Darren, front middle, a young person we supported.

A game of football being played on the school pitch

Children in Cheshire play football on a school pitch.

Children with crutches playing football

Children, some of whom are on crutches, play football under a matron's supervision.

By Molly Flood - Digital team

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Poignant stuff. Thank you so much for finding these in the archive. When you look at how modern players play act and moan these days it really puts things into perspective.