Posted: 14 February 2011

The Family Business - our consultation event at St George's House, Windsor Castle, 15 - 16 February

Windsor Castle might seem an unusual location for a 24-hour debate about the family in Britain today. But, as well as being the residence of Queen Elizabeth II, the final resting place of Henry VIII and one of the most recognised buildings in the world, it is also home to St George’s House. This remarkable institution was established by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1966 to be a place where serious people can debate serious topics, as well as generate wisdom around issues that affect us all.

Series of events planned

We are delighted that St George's have invited us to jointly host a series of events that explore some of the key themes from the Good Childhood Inquiry. On the 15 and 16 February we will be running an event that will involve academics, agony aunts, policy makers, pressure groups, business people, religious leaders and young people. With such a heady mix we are sure to have some serious and challenging debates.

Lively debate

The style of the event means that different participants give a short presentation before the group react and discuss the issues raised, but there is no expectation that we will come to any agreement, and given the topics, that would be unlikely.

As the organiser of this first event I have had the chance to hear in advance from the presenters and speakers, all of whom have much of value to say. Personally, I have found the stories from young people who have faced family trauma, and been in and out of the care system, that I have found the most moving.

It is certainly going to be an exciting and exhausting 24 hours, but the views from the castle are quite impressive and I must keep an eye out for any corgis.

By Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser

By Jim Davis MBE - Church team

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