Posted: 23 December 2012

An entirely unique experience: My six weeks in the media team


My most memorable moments include activities both in and out of the office. I have handled tasks involving research and writing, among other communicative skills. I also drafted a variety of press releases and other documents that were utilised by the media team. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit in on meetings, briefings and conference calls where I learned the inner workings of this organization and the departments within it. 

An especially notable occassion was when I was able to attend the launch of the Food for Thought report, part of the Fair and Square campaign to ensure all children in poverty receive a free school meal, at Conisborough College. I was able to see how such important aspects of The Children’s Society are carried out, and it was an essential learning experience for me. 

Seeing how complex events can seem easy

I find it quite interesting how events such as the Food for Thought launch are accomplished – they require much more preparation than it might appear. I learned an entirely new appreciation for The Children’s Society, and especially the media team as they worked in conjunction with other departments to reach a common goal. 

I understand that it is quite difficult to trust a relatively inexperienced new intern with the important work that contributes to The Children’s Society’s success to maintain its public influence and image. The team’s willingness to be so forthcoming with advice and tasks for me to accomplish has been instrumental in my own cultural and professional development.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the achievements of my colleagues, ranging from a quote in a newspaper or gaining celebrity’s support for a campaign. If assisting the media team in any way could allow these successes to take place, even taking a phone call or sending an email, then I feel I have accomplished something in my time here and have made a positive contribution to this organization. 

In my short time at The Children’s Society, I learned new skills that I will take with me on any education or career path I choose. Participating as a member of the media team has given me a wealth of knowledge, and I will return to university with an entirely unique experience. 



By Molly Weingarten - Media team

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