Posted: 12 July 2013

Do you agree that 700,000 children in poverty should receive free school meals?

We’re really pleased that the government's new School Food Plan, released today, recognises that 700,000 children from very low income working families are not allowed free school meals. We agree with the plan’s recommendation that the government should seriously consider extending entitlement to free meals so these children do not keep missing out.

If you also agree, please join our Fair and Square campaign today.

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Providing free school meals for every child in poverty

We created this infographic to highlight the fact that 700,000 children in poverty are still missing out on free school meals.

If you support this goal, please:

photo of two girls and a teacher, along with text that reads '700,000 children in poverty are still not entitled to a free school meal'


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By Lizzie Murray - Digital team

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