Posted: 08 August 2013

Developing online with smartphone traffic in mind

You may have seen our Unplugged website, which launched two weeks ago. It’s a great resource, full of fun, family-focused activities to help supporters have fun with their children over the summer holidays.

The resource has been very popular, particularly in a way we were hoping. Because smartphones are so prevalent in the UK – according to Mintel, 67% of the adult population owns one – we were very keen to build Unplugged with a 'mobile first' plan in mind.

This meant that the website design would display just as well, if not better, when viewed on a mobile phone and give users the best experience. 

Adapting for a largely mobile audience

The changing face of technology and the devices we use on a daily basis meant that most people view their emails on a smartphone. This also needed to be considered when producing emails – we don’t make them too 'heavy' so they load easily in mobile browsers.

Because these activities are all about being active, we wanted people to be able to use the resource when they’re outside of their home, away from their desktop computer – another reason to make it mobile friendly.

The website has only been live for a little over two weeks but the analytics data shows that this approach was broadly right. 

Two-thirds of visitors use smartphones or tablets

As the chart illustrates, more than half (53%) of our audience uses Unplugged on their mobile. If you add the 14% who access the site on their tablet, that means that two-thirds of Unplugged's audience uses the site away from a desktop or laptop computer.


Building with a 'mobile first' approach

If you're a fan of Apple products, you'll be delighted to learn that the iPhone and the iPad are the two most favoured devices thus far.

Much has been written over the last 12 months about the need to build new websites ‘mobile first’. These stats prove the truth in these words. 

Whatever device you are viewing this blog post on we hope you continue to make use of Unplugged throughout this summer and beyond - anyone for a dance off?


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By Henry Rowling - Fundraising and events team

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