Posted: 14 January 2014

A day in the life of...

In this issue of Voice, we find out  about a typical day for Parama Chakravorty, one of the interns volunteering in our head office.

One of the reasons I chose to volunteer for The Children’s Society campaigns team is because I’m really concerned about how disadvantaged children fall behind early on and can’t reach their full potential.

The team had a great victory recently when the Fair and Square campaign convinced the government to provide free school meals to many more children. This will make sure children living in poverty don’t go hungry at school – because hungry children can’t concentrate and learn.

In the team’s weekly meetings, we decide the best ways of making change for young people. Here we’re discussing what tactics will be most effective, what organisations may be good partners on a new campaign and what decision-makers have the power to make the changes we want to see.

Parama in team meeting

The Children’s Commission on Poverty is really important to my research into youth activism, as it’s all about involving young people in the work of The Children’s Society. The Commission will give young people a voice to make sure their experiences of poverty are understood and their views heard.

Parama holding scribbleboard

At lunchtime I catch up with fellow interns. We all started volunteering on the same day, and have regular meetings to update each other on the progress of our projects. I’m explaining to them the importance of getting more young people actively involved in campaigning for change and how my work on youth activism is helping The Children’s Society to better support young people get their voices heard.

Interns at lunch

I use Twitter and other social media to get in contact with young campaigners. It allows us to communicate with young people, and make sure they have what they need to campaign.

Computer screen with twitter

I arrange interviews with youth activists and professionals who work with young people. I’m collecting ideas and advice to help young people speak out and push for change more effectively.

When young people speak out on issues that affect them, it has enormous potential to change minds and influence decision-makers.

Parama on the phone

More about Parama's role

Parama Chakravorty volunteers with our campaigns team based in Edward Rudolf House, London. This team leads and inspires supporters, organisations and other allies to campaign for big changes to improve the lives of children. 

The recent launch of The Children’s Commission on Poverty means Parama’s role is currently focused on finding ways to get children and young people more involved in campaigning for themselves.

Get involved

To find out more about The Children’s Commission on Poverty that Parama has been supporting. Or if you’re interested in volunteering for us, visit our volunteers page 

By Parama Chakravorty - Campaigns team

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