Posted: 31 October 2014

Davpack – a new partner finding unique ways to support us

Earlier this year, we established a new partnership with Davpack, one of the leading online suppliers of packaging in the UK. The partnership initially focused on developing an online resource for use in primary schools, to help children find the right help for the problems they may be facing at home or at school.

The resource, available to download from Davpack’s website, is based around a character called ‘Barry the Box’.

Developed in line with our My Life 4 Schools programme, Barry the Box is a fun way of encouraging Key Stage 2 children to discuss the issues they may be facing in their lives and to find out which adults and organisations are best suited to help with each situation. The idea is that children taking part will feel more able to share their troubles with trusted adults, rather than having to face them alone.

Hundreds of primary schools have signed up to this unique and exciting project, which also includes a poster competition for children to draw Barry the Box and show him solving his problems. There will, of course, be some fun prizes awarded to the best entries.

In launching the Barry the Box programme, Davpack’s Managing Director Barney Byfield stressed that the aim was ‘getting the important message across to children that when they are faced with worries on all sides, they don’t have to face them alone. This is because we wanted to do more than raise funds for The Children’s Society - We wanted to help raise awareness and support the charity’s aims too. Of course fundraising is also an important element of our partnership, and we are looking at innovative ways to do this and raise the profile of the charity at the same time. Our charity range of packaging is a great example of this, and we are looking at other exciting ideas in the coming months, including reaching out on social media’.

Our partnership going forward

Davpack has launched a special range of mail order packaging, with each sale raising funds for us. Each has been printed with a special message, which will tell the recipient of the parcel that their order is supporting our work. 

Each individual box sold will raise 3p, while each individual mailing bag will raise 0.5p – that means that buying one pack of boxes could raise up to £1.50, while a single pack of mailing bags could earn us £5.

It’s a simple yet ingenious way of raising both awareness of our work and the funds needed to support it.

By Maggie Allen - Fundraising and events team

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