Posted: 24 April 2020

Dame Emma Thompson backs our campaign to provide a lifeline for all

A group of esteemed personalities from the film and theatre world have written to the Home Secretary to ask her to end the restrictions that prevent thousands of migrants in the UK from accessing vital support.  

Dame Emma Thompson, Miriam Margolyes OBE, Sir Tom Stoppard CBE and Thandie Newton OBE have written to Priti Patel in support of our campaign calling on the government to suspend ‘No recourse to public funds’ during the Coronavirus crisis.  

A lifeline for all

Thousands of children are facing extreme poverty because strict immigration rules prevent their families from accessing benefits, even if they cannot work during the Coronavirus crisis. 

Many of these children are British themselves or were born here and know no other home. Other young people came to this country alone or were trafficked here by criminal gangs. With nothing to fall back on, these children and families risk being left to fend for themselves at a time of national emergency.  

We’ve been calling on the Government to step in and provide an urgent lifeline for all, so that children and families of all backgrounds can access the vital support they desperately need. Now, famous actor and activist Dame Emma Thompson is also backing the campaign. 

A letter for support

Along with fellow esteemed actors Miriam Margolyes OBE and Thandie Newton OBE, Emma has written an open letter to the Home Secretary urging her to follow other countries in changing the immigration rules so that the many thousands of children and families affected by 'no recourse to public funds' can access much needed welfare support during the crisis.  

A line from the letter reads, 'We are supporting The Children’s Society campaign to suspend NRPF. Without recourse to public funds thousands of children face extreme poverty. In one of the richest countries in the world, that is a disgrace.'

'No child should be disadvantaged or discriminated against simply because of the immigration status of their parent.' - Emma Thompson

Join Dame Emma Thomson in showing your support for the campaign and ask your MP to ensure no child or family is left with nothing to fall back on.



By Nicole Fassihi - Campaigns team

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