Posted: 16 July 2016

Corporate Ambassador Peter tells us why he is running an Ultra Marathon

I have recently signed up to be a Corporate Ambassador for The Children’s Society in West Yorkshire.

It is still early days – I have yet to give my first talk or presentation. 

I saw an advert for the role a few months ago on a volunteering website and thought it neatly combined my day job with the chance to volunteer for a worthwhile charity. Snap! 

So I’ve been out to visit a few projects in my region to start learning what The Children’s Society does. 

Of course I was always aware of child sexual exploitation, child asylum seekers, child poverty and many of the organisations areas of work, but I wasn’t aware of The Children’s Society. 

Getting closer to the work of The Children’s Society is helping me understand the issues better but I have a long way to go. 

Strangely three emotions keep coming to the front of my mind due to my contact with The Children’s Society: sympathy with the children, wonderment at the children who are making a life for themselves after the support from the Society and finally some sort of anger that the world we live in lets humans cause so much pain on other young humans.

I know as a newbie to The Children’s Society that my attitude and emotions may be predictable and might change over time.

Whilst I gradually get into my role as a Corporate Ambassador I have also thrown myself into training for an Ultra marathon (35 miles) in October. 

I am using the marathon to fund raise and I will be running with the Children’s Society’s vest or T shirt, depending on the weather, it will be October.  

The run is around Ripon in North Yorkshire and is mostly off-road or on country roads. It includes going through Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden so the sights will be uplifting.

If you are wondering why an Ultra marathon, well its different from a city marathon, it’s a challenge, even though to experienced Ultra runners it’s a baby Ultra.

There is also the attraction of having cups of tea and cake at each of the feeding stations. How civilised! I have read somewhere that an Ultra is a continuous meal with some running. 

The training is progressing well. I’m doing about 40 -50 miles each week. I have a few races planned over the next few months to check my progress. 

I am also increasing my efforts to raise funds as the date gets closer.  

I'm looking forward to my first presentation, until then I'll carry on with the running.

There's so much you can get involved with at The Children's Society, whatever your interests you can find a role that suits you. 

By Peter Cruikshanks - Guest bloggers

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