Posted: 23 February 2016

Coordinate an international adventure as a volunteer

This Student Volunteering Week we have been talking to some of our student volunteers to find out how they support the children and young people we work with. Max is a student who has been volunteering at Loughborough University to help students aiming to climb the Morocco High Atlas Mountains to fundraise for us.

1. Where do you study and what course are you doing?

Loughborough University and I study International Relations

2. What is your volunteer role with us? What is a typical day?

Another student, Jon Ako, and I are the team leaders for the Morocco Trek. This means we will be supporting the team throughout their fundraising missions as well as joining them in Morocco. As a team leader I basically act as a home base for the volunteers and a close and friendly face round campus.

3. What have you most enjoyed when volunteering for us? Why?

The fundraising process itself. From introducing yourself to the team to organising socials. As the process continues it is great to make new friendships and watch new friendships be made while raising money for a fantastic cause at the same time

5. How has volunteering with us helped you with your studies?  Have you gained new skills?

The main way volunteering has helped me is the responsibility. Being in my final year at university I thought it was a good idea to get my act together before going out in the world of work. Being a challenge leader for The Children's Society has given me the opportunity to work on skills such as organisation and presentation skills that will be useful in later life.

6. What would you say to other students who are interested in being a Challenge Leader for us?

Do it. It’s an amazing opportunity to go on an adventure while having a fantastic network of people behind you. It goes without saying that raising money and also coordinating an international adventure looks great on your CV as well.

7. What would be your three top tips to new students who have signed up to a trek to make the most out of their experience?

1) Get the fundraising started early and do little bits at a time

2) Running is a great way to get a decent level of fitness while also opening up a new avenue to attract fundraising as everyone loves a marathon runner

3) Go to the socials. A lot of people make excuses to miss out on socials for whatever reason. When you get on the trek its good to know that you’ve got a good bunch of friends to meet you at the airport.

Get involved

If you are interested in signing up to the Morocco Trek and having Max as your fantastic leader please visit our sign up page

Or you can check  out more about how you become a challenge leader with us


By Max Sydall - Guest bloggers

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