Posted: 04 December 2013

A commendation and skyrocketing blog stats

In October we received some great news that our blog had been nominated for 'best blog' in the Social Buzz Awards. We got some good news when the winners were announced late last week.

While we didn't win our category, we were awarded a commendation, which equates to second place in the 'best blog' category. (Paddy Power's blog was the winner.) The awards committee didn't give commendations in every category, which meant that receiving one was something more than second place.

The commendation is a great recognition for the many young people, volunteers and staff who contribute stories to our blog, and the response their stories have received from you and our other supporters on social media.

Some highlights from our blog

Please take a look at some of the pieces that made our nomination successful:

We also feature a selection of our latest stories on the Flipboard app.

Or you can find all of our stories on our blog

Rising blog traffic - please join in

Our nomination for the award highlighted the large increases in traffic that we've seen on our blog over the past year.

I've compiled the past few months' rises in this table below. (We published a similar piece in April.) 

We are working to keep these increases going over the next year. If you'd like to take part, please do - we're looking for blog authors. If you have ideas about how our work has affected you, your family or community, please get in touch



By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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