Posted: 19 October 2015

Christmas changes lives at Talbot Heath

Talbot Heath School has been fundraising for The Children’s Society for over 25 years. The school is keen to make a difference to young lives, and here head teacher Karen Leahy tells us how they gather pupils, parents and staff to organise memorable Christmas events.  If you would like to organise a carol singing, Christingle or other festive celebration in your school order your free resources and start planning today.

At Talbot Heath we believe in educating our girls both in traditional subjects and the arts, but also encourage them to take their place as citizens in a changing world. Our charitable work is therefore very important to us.

Talbot Heath School is an independent girls’ school in Bournemouth, established in 1886, and is a Church of England foundation. We hold many events during the year to support a wide range of causes, but The Children’s Society is one we like to support at Christmas.

Talbot Heath School Christmas event

In the past we have held Christingle services in a local church and we have an annual Nativity Service for our girls aged 3 – 7 and a Carol Service for our 7 – 11 year-old girls.

Last year we collected at both of these events for The Children’s Society, raising over £550.

The services are a highlight of our school year. They create such a positive family feel as the different ages all work together to hold a fantastic event.

It is wonderful to see older pupils supporting their younger school family members.

Talbot Heath School Christmas event

One of the highlights for me is always when the 7-year-old in the role of Angel Gabriel leads her host of 3 and 4-year-old angels and looks after them on the stage in the big school hall. For me this typifies how our girls work together and support each other.

Whilst the retelling of the Christmas story is traditional, the songs we use are always upbeat and modern and the girls enjoy singing with great enthusiasm. Every year the hall is packed with parents, grandparents and family friends who come together to celebrate with the girls.  

Collecting for The Children’s Society at our end of term festivities is a good opportunity to help change the lives of children less fortunate than our own.

For all of us these two events really do mark the start of the Christmas season.

Organise your own event 

If you would like to bring your school together with a Christmas event order your free resources and start planning today.

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