Posted: 17 December 2015

Christingle is our new Christmas tradition

Last Christmas was family Whitton’s first Christingle service. My daughter was prepared for her role as angel for the evening with her halo and wings, I had persuaded a friend to do mince pies and mulled wine afterwards and we were all very excited, though we didn't quite know what to expect.

I soon knew that it would not be an ordinary church service when we saw traffic marshals in day glow jackets outside, hordes of small children dressed in various biblical outfits and not a spare parking space in sight.

We arrived inside the church and were met by some lovely volunteers, who welcomed us and showed us to our seats. At this point the scale of the event struck me. The three vicars all had wireless microphones, there was a lighting rig at the front and relay screens throughout the church. This was more like a Beyoncé concert than a Christingle.

The service was wonderfully interactive and great fun. From well-known carols, nativity plays, videos about Christingle, there was plenty to keep the whole family engaged, with the fancy dress competition featuring hundreds of children - my personal favourite.

More like a Beyoncé concert than a Christingle

It was encouraging to see so many volunteers with collection buckets and homemade signs all rallying round to do their bit to support our work, raising over £1,300. For me, the icing on the cake – or should that be candles on the Christingle? – was seeing the look of pride on my daughter’s face because her mummy works at The Children’s Society.

Christingle was a wonderful start to our Christmas and is set to become a family favourite as we can all come together on Christmas Eve, take time out of the chaos of Christmas preparations and reflect on how thankful we are for a happy, healthy family.

This year, I am especially hopeful that Christingle will be even better – not just for my family, but so that the work we’re doing at The Children’s Society to keep children across the country safe from harm can make an even greater impact. If my presence at Christingle means that we can be there to help one more child, it will have been worth it. That’s why I’m going to be at my local Christingle celebration again and take some friends along with me as well. The question is, will you be there too?

Christingle is a wonderful celebration that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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