Posted: 23 December 2013

Christingle - Inspiring a new generation

The Hodnet Deanery Committee of the Children’s Society was formed back in 1976 and the first Christingle services were held at St Mary’s, Christchurch Little Drayton and Moreton Say in 1979. Most of the churches in the Deanery now have Christingle services.

At St Mary’s, Market Drayton, Christingle services are very popular. There is a wonderful feeling of excitement and anticipation walking through the December dark night into the church. During Advent, families who wish to host a “posada” (a Nativity tableau). It travels in turn around the homes to signify the journey of Joseph & Mary. Then, at the Christingle service, the Nativity scene is filled with all the participants (except the Christ child).

Of course the service requires much preparation. Members of the Mother’s Union holds a fundraising sale of home made treats to cover the costs of the Christingle service and then in due course there is the massive Christingle making effort on 23 December.

Now, one of our committee members has grown up with The Children’s Society, as her parents, Evelyn and Eric Morgan, had been long term supporters of it when it was still known as the Waifs and Strays Society. Evelyn and Eric moved in their retirement to Adderley to be near their daughter.

Each week they would put aside money which at the end of year was divided between the St Matthew’s Boys Home in South Africa and the cost of the oranges for St Mary’s services. Eric kept this going after his wife died and sadly this year he died too. A very special development is that his four grandchildren have decided they want to continue the tradition of sponsoring the oranges for the service in their grandparents’ memory.

So, for some, these oranges will have a particularly warm glow.



By Philippa Atkey - Guest bloggers

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