Posted: 04 August 2011

Celebrating friendships we make at school

On 27 June, 410 ten and eleven-year-olds gathered in Truro Cathedral to celebrate their time at primary school before heading off to secondary school. Jim Davis (Good Childhood Advisor), me and Bishop Tim Thornton were invited to attend this Year 6 leavers’ event.

 The Good Childhood Conversations have been active throughout the Diocese of Truro for two years now and this event was a brilliant way to engage the children.

Supporting friends through the good times and the bad times

The theme of the event was 'Firm Foundations and Sowing Seeds' which looked at the friendships the children had made during their time at school.

The children were very enthusiastic as we explored the value of friendships and how they were important to nurture and treasure during the good and bad times of a person's life. And what better way to illustrate this than to get all 410 children into groups of eight, linking arms and going on a treasure hunt around the cathedral. 

It was interesting to see how different groups approached the task. A few groups completed it very quickly, others had lost a few people on the way and some groups the links broke entirely.

It's good to talk

But it was brilliant to work with the children and demonstrate that it's good to discuss things when links break down and that staying friends helps achieve results in the future. 

As a final task the children made a paper chain that circled the group. On each link of the chain they wrote the word that summed up friendship best to them.

As these children move forward in their lives we hope that they celebrate the firm foundations of the friendships they have formed in primary school and help them grow into lasting relationships as they face their secondary education and beyond.

By Joanna Petty, Good Childhood Conversations Facilitator

By Joanna Petty - Church team

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Well, this sounds like it was one really precious and memorable event. I hope that these students have a wonderful time in secondary school and that they will remain friends with those they had in primary school.





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